Friday, December 4, 2009

About the Title...

So I have plenty on my mind I could write about, but instead of writing about any of that interesting stuff, I feel like saying a few words about the title I chose for this blog.
I realize it could probably come across as a religious title, that "Great Man" could mean 'God' and Genesis could be referring to the bible. Let me say that this is not the case. Strangely, I did not even think it could be taken that way when I made it, which may call for a name change, but I don't plan to do so as of yet.

Let me explain:
"Great Man" as I used in the title refers to one of my favorite Anthropological Theories, namely, The Great Man Theory. This Theory basically states that for a great change to happen in a large culture, or even all cultures, that one person (of either gender to be clear) would have to take some sort of action to start the cycle of change. If you have ever seen the movie Lady in the Water by M. Night Shyamalan, then you have seen a Hollywood representation of this theory.
I used Genesis in the way it is uncommonly known for, which is its definition, which simply means a beginning.
So, essentially my blogs name is "The Beginning of Someone Who Will Change the World." Which now that it's spelled out seems very pretentious and cocky of me. Do I think I am a "Great Man?" Not exactly, I hope to change the world someday, though I cannot and will not say I have it in me to change it as much as I believe it 'needs.' It's just a name I liked, it has that recurring consonant sound that does not make it being a long title too long to care to say, so that's why I went with it.

TLDR; The Title is not religious...and I bet M. Night Shyamalan took an Anthropology course sometime in his life.


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