Monday, September 27, 2010

College Year 2...

So here we are again, after such a long time without posting. I am not going to apologize because really, who am I apologizing too besides myself?

Anyhow, while I am as busy as ever, I hope to be able to start posting regularly as I now have so much more to talk about.

Mainly what I have to talk about coincides with the fact that I am now President of EKU's Secular Coalition (soon to be renamed SSA)and have gotten off to a great start! I mean, just look!

No 'real' interview with me makes me sad pants, but such press will make me get over it.

Oh, and "Hug an Atheist" was a huge success! Nothing really controversial happened, save for a creeper whispering in my members' ears that "Jesus loves them" like he was trying to turn them on or something.

Good times!

TLDR; I'm back and head of the heathens!


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