Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Round 1....CHALK!

So the week following the Secular Coalitions (Forever now to be renamed the Secular Student Alliance at EKU) chalking campaign got media attention, the Campuses' Christian affiliated groups (most notably Cru) have decided to go all out with their chalking. What once was plain, old, hell-condemning chalk is now bright, positive, and attention grabbing advertisements from those groups.

I find this amusing and all around a good thing really. I am not sure if they are just trying to get the media's attention too (which would be pointless unless either the news reached out to them to do this or they simply think Christian chalk is controversial in a Christian state) or simply to try and lash back at us. However, it does next to nothing for them other than make the sidewalk look pretty since:
1.) They have no problem reaching out to members.
2.) Everyone believes they're piping mad at the coalition and just trying to 'get even.'
3.)Has actually taken away their token hating (no more hell-bound bible verses).
4.)Makes people reflect on why they've went so all out...THE ATHEISTS!

So while I obviously have no problem with them doing this, it simply shows other students how these groups will act when the ante is upped. We however, will continue to chalk normally and will pay no attention to their obvious bluff. Retaliation is forfeit in this kind of situation.

TLDR; We've got willing "competition."


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