Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Climategate? Orly?

Still busy studying for finals, but since I've had my head in my Geography book all day I figured why not share my thoughts on the whole AGW "conspiracy unveiled" emails.

In case you have no idea what it is I'm talking about, this video should explain the issue as well as the obvious debunking of it.

Now, it's probably not surprising that I believe this is a non-issue. It's simple quote mining by the normal people you'd expect to do so (Republicans) without said people having any since of knowledge on such a subject who run with whatever they find without checking their sources all for the sake of making themselves look like douche monkeys and inspiring posts like this.

Maybe it's my fault for falling for this trap (Admiral Ackbar, where are you when I need you?) but I felt like I needed to say at least something on this matter, and hey, the Earth and all it's troubles were on my mind.

What disappoints me the most over this whole "controversy" is that this is going to set Geologists back by hurting their credibility and thus keeping them from making improvements today for better living tomorrow. Think of all the money wasted on these networks as well that could have been used to make a difference. If anything, this is showing how little money grubbers care about the earth, as long as it hauls in ratings and gives large company owners another excuse to butcher forests, then everything's fine!

But everything is not fine. We're killing this earth and people on it for the sake of wealth. In the Amazon, America is taking forests for our own profit, then turn around and tell the native inhabitants not to harm the forest, thus keeping their culture from evolving while spouting hypocrisy. However there are fighters out there, but they're pushed to the side of making a difference for the 'Next Big Story' about how Global Warming is a fraud, pathetic.

I'll stop here before I start stepping on the feet of Freedom of Press.

Go plant a tree.


Anonymous said...

And what, might I ask, is wrong with taking those trees-which do nothing but provide habitats for various potentially life-saving animals and oxygen for the world-and turning them into various objects for my comfort and profit? Damned liberals always putting the planet first. Well what has the planet ever done for us-other than provide us with life? Earth first-we'll strip mine the other planets later.

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